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What Is A Zombie Kit?

Another Zombie with only one ARM!

So, what exactly is a Zombie Kit? Glad you asked!

A zombie kit is simply a survival kit, specifically for use in a zombie apocalypse.
It's a collection of items to use for survival when / if the world is taken over by zombies.

Zombie Kits are very similar to what you might find in a survival kit.

Kits typically contain various emergency equipment.
Such as flashlights, fire starters, medical supplies, food, etc.

However, a zombie kit will contain equipment for zombie survival.
Like weapons, such as guns, knives, blunt objects, anything for killing a zombie.

A zombie kit may contain equipment for hiding from zombies.
Some zombie kits may contain tools and equipment for securing an area from zombie invasion.
Things like locks, chains, or ropes. Things for setting traps or alarm systems.

Basically, any items to make life easier and help you survive in a world full of the living dead!

Don't take it too serious... it is of course, purely for entertainment.
If you do take it too serious, you are probably an idiot.

Put your Zombie Kit together and submit it to us!